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Cornerstone Martial Arts College Instructors

Master Rick Hansley, Sr. Instructor Martha West and Instructor Justin Beaudoin bring an unbeatable team to this quality school. 

Master Rick HansleyMaster Hansley is a fourth degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. He has been teaching martial arts since 1988. He is a certified child educator, who has been the elementary physical education instructor at Greenbrier Christian Academy since 1994.

Master Hansley earned his BA degree in physical education from Cedarville University near Dayton, Ohio. His credentials make him one of the best child motivators in the area. Master Hansley started training in martial arts at age 14 under Grand Master Bong Pil Yang of Pennsylvania. Grand Master Yang's martial arts credentials are exceptional. Master Hansley is certified with the World Tae Kwon Do Federation and is a certified Master Instructor with International Christian Martial Arts Association.


Martha started her training in Tae Kwon Do and continues training with Master Rick Hansley. Martha is a certified Second Degree Black Belt with Kukkiwon, the World Tae Kwon Do Federation, and a certified instructor with the International Christian Martial Arts Association. She earned her BA Degree in Elementary Education with a Math Minor from University of North Carolina-Greensboro where she graduated cum laude in May of 1978. Since 1988, she has been the Office Administrator at Hope Lutheran Church in Virginia Beach. She and her husband, Robert, have two sons and are members at Harvest Outreach Ministries.



Originally from Michigan, Justin Beaudoin began training under Master Rick Hansley in October of 2002 and is currently a Kukkiwon certified Second Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do.  Though a fast runner growing up, childhood asthma often limited his athletic activities and he did not participate in any organized sports or martial arts as a result. However, the Good Lord changed this and allowed him to outgrow the asthma by the time he graduated from high school. It was then, while attending college in Michigan that he received his first taste of martial arts through one of several elective Tae Kwon Do classes. After earning a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering, Justin moved to Virginia in 2002 where he was introduced to Master Hansley and continued his training. He and his wife Amy are kept busy raising their active twin sons, Jayden and Brennan and are members of Redemption Church.

These instructors, with their talents and abilities, make Cornerstone Martial Arts Colleg the best Christian based program in the area.

Our Philosophy

DevotionsIt is our delight and privilege to represent our Lord through the avenue of martial arts. In everything we do we strive to please the Lord Jesus Christ. Our students are instructed at every class on the importance of spiritual and personal maturity. Every person is treated with respect, in and out of class.

We set Jesus Christ before us as the example we are to follow. Following Christ attitude and actions is paramount for us.

Every training evolution is not just to learn how to punch, kick, or to use the right movement. No, the most important part of our training is character development. The over-riding principles of this school are love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Numerous parents have already seen an improvement in their child's discipline and personal growth, along with their martial arts skills.

Testing for some is very intimidating. We take as much fear out as possible. Every tester will go through a mock test prior to the actual test. This raises their confidence and anticipation. Also, we make sure each student is ready, because his or her self-esteem is important. Character is a greater priority than belt level here at Cornerstone Martial Arts College. Everyone is judged on his or her ability.


Our Mission

"To provide quality martial arts training along with Christian character development."

Special Message to Parents:

The principles of love, respect, understanding, and kindness towards others, that you are trying to instill in your children, will be reinforced in our classes. Our goal will be to supplement your personal training and not replace your teachings or those of your church.

One of the ways to show true love toward your children is to let them possess the power of self-defense. Children gain self-confidence, a better sense of discipline, coordination, and the ability to defend themselves. These and many more are practical assets to life.

They are introduced in an atmosphere of respect and discipline. This could be a priceless, lifetime gift for those you love.

We highly recommend, that children 6-10, be given the opportunity to learn the martial arts. The training they receive in mental and physical conditioning will be part of their lives as adults. It is our extreme honor to train your children physically and mentally in the martial art world.


Cornerstone Martial Arts College is a member school in the USA Taekwondo (USAT). Master Hansley is a current member of the USAT. The USAT is the governing body for the Olympic team that competed for the first time in Sydney, Australia in 2000. Our student's certifications will be accepted by most all schools affiliated with USAT or WTF (World Tae Kwon Do Federation). Students may join the USAT upon request.

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